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is precious to the european union. but which also must be respectful of the environment. and that's why world development will complement that. not offsetting these two policies against one another. that will be easy to do. we must keep the pedestal of european policies because otherwise how can we go from the? my second principle is that the budget, the financial framework which is to be proposed must continue the growth partner we adopted in june of this year. last year. now, that means that we must promote innovatioinnovatio n, infrastructure, new energy, new forms of energy because there will be no consistency is in june we were to set out a roadmap and then we're have a deflationary pack and the fall of the european financial framework. my third principle is that the budget must support the most vulnerable of europeans, those most exposed to the crisis, the poorest of the poor. the funds for their must not only be kept going, they must have more money paid into them. we have the globalization adjustment fund. it is necessary. we are to deal with the restructure. many countries have to fa
taxpayers union, and before that he served as legislative assistant to alex energy environment and agricultural and civil justice tax forces. finally, we will hear from reihan salam on the substance and the politics of immigration reform. reihan salam is a nonfiction writer and a policy analyst. is a policy advisor for economics 21, a contributing editor at "national review" and a columnist for reuters opinion and dcma contributed. after each of our panelists be, we will take questions from the audience so please wait for a microphone before you ask your question as the event is being live stream and w we would like you to be picked up. finally, please form any statement released in the form of the question. thanks, and i will turn it over to alex. >> thank you laura, and is a pleasure to be here tonight. this is the earliest i've been out of the office in weeks, based on how much this issue has been in the news was a pleasure to be here. so i think a pivotal question is what should a supporter of free market and private enterprise think about immigration. what should a good po
. they called me dummy. i was the butt of all the jokes. now, admittedly, it was a bad environment. single-parent home, you know, my mother and father had gotten divorced early on. my mother got married when she was 13. she was one of 24 children. had a horrible life. discovered that her husband was a bigamist, had another family. and she only had a third grade education. she had to take care of us. dire poverty. i had a horrible temper, poor self-esteem. all the things that you think would preclude success. but i had something very important, i had a mother who believed in me, and i had a mother who would never allow herself to be a victim no matter what happened. never made excuses, and she never accepted an excuse from us. and if we ever came up with an excuse, she always said do you have a brain? and if the answer was, yes, then she said then you could have thought your way out of it. it doesn't matter what john or susan or mary or anybody else did or said. and it was the most important thing she did for my brother and myself. because if you don't accept excuse, pretty soon people stop
makes it special is that we have a social market economy and we have focused on environment and climate issues. we will also try to make a good basis of that. and all of the other things that make europe special. what we need to do is to change what we feel is our core values. we need to do this come as, as i have tried to do back home in denmark. we have done three things. first of all, we have kept an extremely tight budget. we have adopted a budget legislation and we can no longer exceed our budget from here on turn year-to-year. all of this means that we have a very low interest rate in denmark, we have become a safe haven. a tight budget is important. the second thing is to be on a reform friendly. we have performed so much the last year that i don't think it has any comparison in our history. we have performed early retirement, and we have now reformed the benefit system. we are trying to reform the education system. we have been on a big frenzy. there then come i feel that this is important. we have tried to bring balance into our budget. at the same time, having a focus on the g
in the environment. things like no budget, no pay. bipartisan feeding, not always a nation divided even with our leaders. i want to assure a video with you with congressman jack kingston of georgia. let's see what he had to say. >> the thing i really like is that i have to sit next to jim moran. i never really liked him, but it turns out we are friends. i would have walked if it weren't for my arch enemy nemesis. that is the problem, you start liking people. those kinds of relationships can take place because what happens in washington, when you decide you don't like somebody, something like this brings you together and you find out you were the one that was wrong. this is a great group with lots of potential and i am behind it. [applause] >> that is a great message from a republican from georgia about a relationship he has with a democrat and virginia. i know that the congressman sent his best. he plans to be here but he has a 103 degree fever. we need him back in congress and in the working group to make sure we are solving those problems. for the next little bit of time, we are going to get t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5